Your child will experience

  • Hands-on musical instrument playing: Learn the sounds and rhythms of the djembe drum from West Africa and a Javanese hanging gong instrument.
  • Singing & Dancing: Learn the movements of a traditional West African and Javanese folk dance and sing along to traditional folk songs.
  • Art: Paint and decorate your own West African mask, and draw characters in a Javanese village story scene.
  • Story-telling: Fun and colourful folk stories with video animation and music.

The Classes

Live Group Sessions

Participation in a 45 min weekly small-group session, learning from experienced cross-cultural musicians and artists, both live and via videos.


A variety of music and arts-based activities will be done during the class which children can then continue to enjoy trying at home.

Feedback and Certificate

Feedback and encouragement together with a beautiful certificate, assessed on world-recognised creativity skill standards.

Instruments and Products

Use during the class with the option to purchase a program pack to take home, including everything your child needs to get creative, including real handcrafted instruments, activities, masks, stories and more.


Benefits from the Classes

Experiences with music and the arts at a young age help children develop many important skills and sets them up to be life-long learners

  • Strong parent/child bonding and connect with other young children and parents.
  • Social, emotional and cognitive skills development.
  • Most important of all - creativity skills are nurtured.
    Creativity is an essential 21st century skill and encouraging children to express this at a young age is very important for their future learning, problem-solving, confidence, personal and business success.

When they complete the 6-week program

Your child will be given feedback on their creative skills from Dr. Shari and a certificate they can be proud of.

Best of all, they get to learn and keep real hand-crafted instruments and art pieces they create during the program.


Our team

We are musicians, dancers, researchers, experienced teachers and most of all, passionate creatives.

Our programs have been designed and created by our director, Dr Shari Lindblom, who is an expert in music and creative education. At Magic Tree of Music, your child’s learning is supported by research and by a team of experienced, enthusiastic professionals.

Dr Shari Lindblom

Our founding director

Nii Armah

West African Musician

Mya Armah

Dancer & Narrator

Callista Palmer

Choreographer and Dancer

Lena Ito

Javanese composer

Tamara Evans

Dancer & Narrator


All of our programs

  • Enhance metaphorical thinking and ways to connect different ideas
  • Promote fluent, flexible, original and imaginative thinking
  • Develop an understanding of other cultures and diverse perspectives
  • Encourage exploration and curiosity
  • Develop self-confidence and individuality
  • Build teamwork and communication skills
  • Help children to be creative problem solvers
  • And above all, they are lots of fun!