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Nii Armah is one of the incredible artists featuring in our West African online program. Ghanaian born, Nii Armah is an accomplished singer, dancer and musician. Well-known for his exuberance and musical talent, he has travelled nationally and internationally, performing and teaching African arts and culture to numerous schools, university and college students.

We asked Nii some questions to find out more about his musical journey!

What’s your earliest memory of music and dance?

I was born in a Church house in Ghana and here there was always music and dance – I remember a lot of drumming and singing as a young child.

Why did you become a musician?

I love the music and the drums – I just “followed the sound”. On my father’s side there are many musicians, in particular my grandfather, but I am the first one to make this a professional career.

What do you like most about performing?

I enjoy it when people are having a good time, when I feel they are engaging with the music and dancing. I love improvising and I also have this great joy from my music.

Favourite West African song?

Actually, my current favourite artist is from South Africa – his name is Lucky Dube and he plays in a reggae style. He is my idol – I like the way he sings.

Favourite instrument to play?

I like the djembe but I think one of my favourites is the tama, from Senegal. It is known as a ‘talking drum’, you put it on your shoulder to play it. I like its melody and how “it talks to you”. Another favourite is the bougarabou, which has a warm melodic sound.

Do you have any hobbies outside of performing?

I love going fishing. I feel very peaceful when I am doing this, especially at the beach.

What’s your favourite way to spend a weekend?

I enjoy catching up with friends and playing soccer.

To see Nii in action, join our West African online course and start learning about West African music, dance and storytelling.


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