Creative mentors

At Magic Tree of Music, we provide a variety of online cross-cultural music, dance, art, storytelling, and improvisation programs

Our programs are intended for children aged 5 – 9 years old and designed to boost creativity, develop problem-solving skills, and understand diverse perspectives.


We inspire children’s creativity!

Through music, art, dance, storytelling, and improvisation.

These programs enhance your child’s creativity and encourage the development of six fundamental life skills


Creative Growth

Building on children’s natural curiosity is vital

The importance of growing creativity and curiosity while a child’s imagination and emotional understanding is still developing has been proven through various studies worldwide. Education systems around the world are putting an increasing emphasis on creativity, but there are a lack of practical strategies and engaging programs to back this up.


Creativity is the crucial 21st Century skill

Leader of U.K. National Commission on Creativity, Education and the Economy, 1999

A study from the Creativity Research Journal in 2011 showed a “decrease in children’s ability to produce and elaborate ideas, and to think reflectively” and a “lessening of emotional expressiveness, imagination and openness to new experiences.” The creation of Magic Tree of Music was supported by educational research to fulfil this need, through children’s music and art creativity programs.


The six key skills

Inspiring children’s creativity: Our programs focus on building six critical elements required for creative thinking and expression

The arts (music, visual art, dance, drama) encourage the use of our imaginations to look at things in many ways and help us understand the views of others, enabling us to break away from our familiar views. Creativity comes out in those moments when your perspective shifts. The ability to look at something with a different view may help you create something new. Through exposure to the diverse cultures in the Magic Tree of Music programs, children understand different ways of expression and may then re-evaluate and re-create their own ways.

Unfamiliar situations that require creative thinking often involve a certain amount of ambiguity or uncertainty. People who have higher levels of tolerance to face this uncertainty will be more likely to act creatively. Magic Tree of Music programs develop this tolerance of uncertainty through exposure to various world cultures' different sounds and rhythms. Trying to improvise in the other artistic mediums of a culture may be a challenge for students at first. Still, this experience of trying something unfamiliar brings confidence to explore the new and results in enhanced creativity all around.

During our programs, children are encouraged to make several creative decisions, such as what musical material they may want to vary, what different dance steps they may want to do or what sounds may help them develop their story-telling. These types of decisions enhance their ability to problem-solve creatively.

Individuals can be inspired by being part of a bigger picture, heightening their creativity and contribution to the group. Children participating in the programs can play their musical instruments as part of a group, in the case of the gamelan, and collaboration with the world music teachers.

Many believe that participation in the arts involves a release of our imagination. Our programs employ storytelling, which helps children invoke their imagination and helps them to create new musical, artistic and dance improvisations. Children can use their ability for imaginative play to great benefit, which is particularly encouraged through the arts at Magic Tree of Music.

The artistic cultures featured in our programs emphasise improvisation and are based on research that has found positive links with these three characteristics of creativity. Greater fluency helps children generate many ideas. Greater flexibility enables them to consider ideas in different ways.


Our mediums

Our programs combine music, dance, art, storytelling and improvisation. Why? Because all these practices feature different ways to enhance children’s creativity.

The Magic Tree of Music Creativity Programs all feature musical improvisation as an essential component for this reason. Through experiencing the music of different cultures, children also gain greater flexibility and confidence to explore the unfamiliar.

Research has shown that children who took part in the learning and improvisation of dance showed better divergent thinking and creativity after their experience. In Magic Tree of Music's Creativity Programs, children learn simple cultural dances and adapt to create their versions, inspired by their reactions to the musical rhythms.

In our Creativity Programs, children are invited to create a tangible art piece inspired by the cultural knowledge gained through the program but with the freedom to explore their perceptions – an essential part of creative development. Using imaginative play, their understanding and confidence to express freely are enhanced.

In our Programs, various cultural folk tales are used to develop this sense of symbolic thinking, which has been identified as an essential skill for creativity development.


Our Team

We are musicians, dancers, researchers, experienced teachers and most of all, passionate creatives.

Our programs have been designed and created by our director, Dr Shari Lindblom, who is an expert in music and creative education. At Magic Tree of Music, you child’s learning is supported by research and by a team of experienced, enthusiastic professionals.

Dr Shari Lindblom

Our founding director

Callista Palmer

Choreographer and Dancer

Tamara Evans

Dancer & Narrator

Nii Armah

West African Musician

Mya Armah

Dancer & Narrator

Lena Ito

Javanese composer