Aims and Objectives

"To engage children through music and other art forms from global
cultures, which nourish their imaginations and expand their ability to
learn, interact and think".

"To open children’s minds and accelerate their potential".

How do we do this?

  • Encourage exploration and curiosity, which leads to children’s creativity development
  • Promote children’s self-confidence and individuality
  • Build team-work and communication skills
  • Enhance metaphorical thinking and ways to connect different ideas
  • Promote fluent, flexible, original and imaginative thinking
  • Develop understanding of other cultures through emotional connections.
  • Employ teaching strategies which are holistic and utilise inquiry-based learning
  • Develop programs based on leading –edge research

Above all, the aim of these Creativity Programs is for children to have fun! This leads to an increased motivation for learning.