Shari Lindblom

Director of Magic Tree of Music


B. Science (Maths), Music and Applied Maths majors
Adelaide University, 1989 

Master of Arts (Research) in Music
Creative Industries, Queensland University of Technology, 2009 

Ph.D. in Music Education, Queensland Conservatorium, Griffith University, 2016

A.Mus.A. in Piano, AMEB

Shari is an accomplished classical pianist, singer, accompanist, teacher, researcher and consultant. Her love for music and musical studies began at an early age, continuing firstly at the Elder Conservatorium of Music in Adelaide and then later at the Trinity College of Music in London. In 2009, she completed a Masters of Arts (Research) in Music and Creative Industries at Queensland University of Technology and in 2016, she will receive her Ph.D. in Music Education at Queensland Conservatorium, Griffith University. Her research explores the effect of culturally diverse music styles and music education models on children’s creativity. An extensive musical academic background, together with her 25 years of practical teaching and performing experience, combine to support her holistic approach to learning music. 

In her early career, Shari held roles as an instrumental piano teacher at Pembroke School, a specialised music school, where she organised and conducted their annual choral music festival and was an accompanist for a variety of instrumentalists, vocalists and musical theatre productions. 

With her career taking her to live and work in many places around the world, she developed her interest and knowledge in various world musics, including flamenco, tango, salsa and Hindustani classical and jazz singing. Together with her interest in the emergent field of music psychology and an aim to bring musical knowledge to a wider audience, Shari pursued a broader field of further musical study. 

On her return to Australia and as part of her M. A. in Creative Industries, she was involved in developing a new orchestral model, which mixes amplified orchestral instruments with multi-media, contemporary theatre and classical music. This project, ‘The Deep Blue Orchestra’ was launched at the Brisbane Festival in 2006 and is achieving commercial success, both in Australia and overseas. Shari was responsible for the market research and involved in the business development of the orchestral repertoire, style and performances.


For PricewaterhouseCoopers and other large organizations, Shari developed and implemented a series of music and art workshops, aimed at enhancing creativity, team dynamics and improving emotional intelligence within the business environment.

For a great part of her career, she utilised her mathematical and analytical expertise, consulting to the boards of global corporations in financial risk management. Here, she used skills such as analysis, strategic and creative thinking to develop innovative solutions. Shari’s interest in creativity has been strongly influenced by her knowledge in this field, in addition to her creativity from a musical perspective. Her experience in these different fields and environments has developed her view that characteristics of creative thinking are often similar across different fields. This approach has ensured Magic Tree of Music’s programs develop creativity in a holistic and broader way.

In addition to her work with Magic Tree of Music’s Children’s Creativity Programs, Shari also directs her own music studio. The focus is on teaching piano and other instruments, with an emphasis on creativity, performance, expression and musical enjoyment.